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Custodial FAQs

Custodial Operations is professionally committed creating a clean and comfortable environment, using ecologically safe practices. We are dedicated to treating our residents and colleagues in a manner consistent with the UCSD Principles of Community.

Cleaning Services

Service levels and frequencies vary by residential property type:

How You Can Assist Us:

  • Getting to know the people who are permitted to be in your residence. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the area.
  • Taking your trash and recycling materials out to the designated receptacles.
  • Using a bathroom caddy.
  • Immediately reporting any maintenance or cleaning needs, such as fresh carpet stains, dripping faucets and showers, etc. by submitting a Fix It request or contacting Customer Service at 858.534.2600.
  • Keeping all hallways, stairwells, and walkways in front of doors and elevators clear of any obstacles or storage boxes.
  • Checking out a vacuum from your RA, HA, or Residence Life Office when your bedroom requires vacuuming.

Please Refrain From:

  • Stacking glassware and dishes in your suite or apartment.
  • Installing your own locks on your room or apartment door.
  • Storing bikes in common areas, lounges, hallways or stairwells.
  • Making any modifications or alterations to your room.
  • Flushing anything other than toilet paper or toilet seat covers down the toilet.
  • Removing any furniture from its designated area.

Breaks and Holidays

Services During Breaks

Cleaning services will be provided only during the first week of Winter Break. No cleaning services will be scheduled during Spring Break.

Holiday Cleaning Schedules

During a University holiday, your cleaning service will be provided on an adjusted schedule. If the holiday falls on a Friday, the service will occur during the prior week. If the holiday falls on a Monday, the service will occur during the following week. Cleaning service times will be shorter during holidays in order to service all units within a shorter time frame.

Lofts and Bunking

Requests to loft or bunk double occupancy rooms are currently not accepted. Bunks and lofts are solely utilized by HDH to reach the occupancy requirements of the residential unit.

Resident Personal Property Damage Claims

A Personal Property Damage Claim Form may be submitted for consideration when personal property damage has occurred as a result of staff negligence and/or facility malfunction.


Molds are microscopic organisms that grow naturally – particularly in warm, damp, humid conditions where there is little air movement. There are hundreds of thousands of variations of mold, and it can grow anywhere: on walls, ceilings, carpets, or furniture. Often referred to as “mildew,” it is impossible to create an entirely mold-free space. However, you can control the amount of mold in your environment by taking appropriate measures.

Bed Bugs

HDH takes bed bug discoveries very seriously. If you think you have bed bugs, call us immediately at 858.534.2600. Find out more about education, prevention, and remediation.

Contact Us!

Need to request Custodial Services? Please contact Customer Service at 858.534.2600.

Feedback, comments and questions about Custodial Operations? Please contact us at